VIDEO: Woman caught on camera stealing donated money, idols from Fremont Hindu temple


FREMONT (KRON) — Temple volunteers in Fremont, who themselves give money to keep the place running, are shocked that a place of worship has been broken into repeatedly.

The Fremont Hindu temple is a place of worship and community service. People come to pray and help others in need.

But on Jun. 17, volunteers noticed a woman on surveillance video taking more than was offered. The unknown culprit bags donated money and idols.

A few months later, volunteers believe the same woman struck again on Nov. 20, and most recently on Nov. 28.

In the video, more relics are seen being taken.

Although the price tag on those items is a couple of grand, temple goers say the idols have an irreplaceable role in their ceremonies.

Then, in the video, what seems to be a partner in crime shows up outside to unhinge a generator. And they both take off on bicycles.

The Hindu temple is now faced with more than $5,000 in losses.

Temple volunteers suspect the burglary may be related to another that happened the same November weekend at Grimmer Elementary School across the street in which computers were taken.

But volunteers say the point here isn’t to press charges. They just want the irreplaceable items returned to their rightful home.

Watch the above video to see Ella’s full report.

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