VIDEO: Police still searching for suspects accused of murdering local musician in El Sobrante, victim’s family and friends frustrated

EL SOBRANTE (KRON) — Local musician Will Sims was found beaten, robbed, and shot to death outside the Capri Club in his hometown of El Sobrante over a week ago.

Three suspects have been identified in the murder case. One has been arrested and charged, but the other two have managed to avoid the police.

“Of course there is frustration because you know there’s a lot of circumstances that are still unclear you know. The circumstances of was it a hate crime,” his childhood music teacher Kevin Choice said.

Race appears to have played a role, according to the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office, who has classified Sim’s death a hate crime.

All the more reason for police to find these two remaining suspects says Choice. “The family is just trying to find closure and they’re trying to bring justice to this case. There

“The family is just trying to find closure and they’re trying to bring justice to this case,” Choice said. “There is two suspects on the large, and we just want answers and we just want you know we want justice for this situation ‘cause it should have never came to this.”

On Saturday, a public memorial will be held for Sims.

“The community is invited to a silent vigil that we will be having at the place where Will was tragically murdered. They took Will away from us in the physical, but in the spiritual and he’s gonna stay with us. I mean he was an incredibly talented pianist, producer, composer, a singer,” Choice said.

The silent vigil for Will Sims will be held this Saturday, Dec. 3 at 1:00 p.m. at the corner of Garden Road and Appian Way in El Sobrante.

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