VIDEO: Oakland residents fearful after double homicide of two childhood friends, escalation in violence


OAKLAND (KRON) — An escalation in violence, including the double homicide of two childhood friends, is creating fear in some Oakland residents, and there is an action plan from police.

On Friday, KRON4’s Terisa Estacio rode along with members of the Oakland Police Department, as they increased patrols to try and stop this crime wave.

The homicides and violent shootings this week are weighing on the minds of many, including the officers patrolling the streets of Oakland.

It has been a very deadly and brutal week in Oakland. Since Monday, there have been three homicides, including two childhood friends gunned down near their home in broad daylight.

In addition, there were two separate vicious shootings.

KRON4 rode along with Officers Cairo and Lorenze, as they hit the streets, trying to gather up information to help detectives crack cases, as well as be a part of an effort to increase patrols to stem the violence.

At a memorial, where the two 19-year-olds lost their lives, family members and friends gathered.

The fear resonates with the officers.

So far this year, there as been 73 homicides. In 2015, there were 79.

The mayor has said that they are making progress, citing numbers that show violent crime is down.

But for those that live and work in Oakland, it is still difficult to deal with lives cut short.

Watch the above video to see Terisa’s full report.


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