VIDEO: Vandals target San Jose church RV designed to help homeless


SAN JOSE (KRON) — Vandals in San Jose targeted a church RV designed to help the homeless.

That organization is now left to pick up the pieces as they work to replace what those thieves stole.

In the Mercy Mobile, The Rev. Scott Wagers delivers clothes, food, and other needed items to homeless camps in San Jose. On Friday, he had but meager items to give out.

“Apparently, someone saw the Mercy Mobile, they broke into a side window, probably easily accessible, and started taking things much of the stuff we had prepared for the weekend,” Rev. Wagers said.

He began the day cleaning up the mess and taking stock of what was missing.

“They had taken all of the stuff out of here, they took all this stuff out,” Rev. Wagers said. “Jackets, we get blankets, sleeping bags, tarps, all that’s gone.”

Rev. Wagers’ associate was crestfallen that someone would take from the most unfortunate.

“People are in need,” said Kim Salas of Cham Ministries. “It’s like taking from people who are already in need, and then we have nothing to give to them, so it was heartbreaking.”

With the help of a nearby church, the Mercy Mobile could at least give out something to a group of homeless who were dismayed at the news of the theft.

Wagers is not one to be discouraged.

“What they took, we have a saying in the church, we’re going to get back what the devil stole from us,” Wagers said. “We’re going to get it back and then some. We’ll give it out, nothing’s gone to stop us.”

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