Social media reactions to deadly Oakland fire

OAKLAND (KRON) — The online community is overflowing with support for those killed and missing after the Oakland warehouse fire. So far, 24 people are confirmed dead and its possible another 40 are still missing.

Firefighters are having trouble searching the structure, which some are calling the “Ghost Ship Building.” The building contained makeshift structures and walls, making the inside a difficult “maze” to navigate. There was possibly a makeshift staircase that could have been a choking point where people died during the fire. Collapsed pieces of the warehouse are also impeding rescuers’ ability to search thoroughly for more bodies.

A Facebook page for the event said it was a Golden Donnis concert with about 200 people RSVP’d. That page now has a running list of names of the missing people.

Twitter users are coming together to help find those still missing, and are continuing to send love and sympathy as this investigation takes place.
Governor Brown also tweeted his condolences.

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