Former tenant says she called police about Ghost Ship’s unsafe living conditions

OAKLAND (KRON) — A former tenant of the Ghost Ship, a warehouse where a deadly fire killed 36 people, says she called police multiple times about the unsafe conditions.

Shelly Mack sat down with KRON4’s Alecia Reid to share her story about the unsafe living conditions that forced her to move out of the Ghost Ship in 2014.

“I called 9-1-1 three times and there’s only one report. I gotta wonder where are the other two reports,” Mack told Reid.

Mack says there were propane tanks in the bathroom and hanging wires everywhere. The warehouse has no sprinklers or smoke alarms.

“There were cords and wires everywhere. There were three or four fires while I was there,” Mack said. When there was a fire at the warehouse, the tenants would put out the fires themselves instead of calling 9-1-1.

Mack says things got increasing worse at the warehouse after she complained to the property manager Derik Ion Almena.

“If you didn’t go along with what they said…they would turn the heat off, block you from the bathroom, they would threaten your life. They would kick you out and take all your stuff,” Mack said. “The place was like a maze full of junk.

Mack says didn’t know it was illegal until after she moved in. She had found the rental on Facebook and paid about $700 a month to live there with about 10 to 20 other people. She says she was instructed to tell visitors it was a 24-hour workspace for artists.

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