VIDEO: Streets of San Francisco busy despite rain, SantaCon comes to the city


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Rain in the Bay Area may have altered some people’s plans on Saturday.

But with two weeks until Christmas Eve, the rush is on.

Although it was dry for several hours by 8 p.m., the drops were falling earlier. However, the spirits were still high.

Saturday’s rain in San Francisco wasn’t enough to melt or close down Union Square’s outdoor skating rink.

Even with 83-hundredths of an inch falling in the city, the shopping hub was jam-packed.

“It’s perfect for like winter,” Christmas shopper Ayishwarye Ganesan said. “Every winter, we come around here to the city to enjoy being a local. This is one of the best times that are always special, for like ya know, being the Christmas family together and stuff.”

With SantaCon going on all day, downtown turned into a “Where’s Waldo” of sorts, with red and white suits almost blending together.

Meanwhile, over at the Christmas tree lot on Filbert and Van Ness, some people were doing SantaCon and tree shopping simultaneously.

Despite the mud, this family picked out their trusty Tannenbaum and tied it down just as the rain was stopping.

For now, it looks like the rain is done, but if it does come back, it may just be a test to see who really does believe in Santa Claus.

“You might get the people who aren’t really into it,” SantaCon participant Jonathan Hershaff said. “They’ll go home. But the people who love it will stay out in the rain.”

Sunday should be nice and dry for your Christmas errands, according to KRON4 Meteorologist Lawrence Karnow.

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