People visiting “Ghost Ship” warehouse after investigation

(AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

OAKLAND (KRON)—The investigation into the “Ghost Ship” warehouse fire continued off site Monday. The ATF has packed up and cleared out of 31st Avenue location. No word yet of a cause for the fire.

KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun has been out at the scene all day along with a lot of other folks who came to view the remains of the warehouse.

ATF investigators are no longer here outside the “Ghost Ship” warehouse, yellow police crime scene tape is gone as well. All that is left is that fence you see behind me and a steady flow of people throughout the day coming to get their first look at the location of this tragedy.

Peaking through the fence, snapping photos, recording cellphone video that is what is happening here outside the “Ghost Ship” warehouse. Now that ATF investigators are gone, people are coming from near and far.

“It’s in my neighborhood,” said Oakland resident Jeramy Dantzler.

“I’m from Santa Rosa,” said Santa Rosa Resident Mario Rodriguez.

“I’m actually from Santa Cruz,” said UC Santa Cruz student Jesus Contreras.

All here to get a close look at the building in which 36 people lost their lives.

“Now I guess I can put the images that I’ve seen, I can tie them more together, I can see the structure, see what it looked like and get more of a grasp of what it was like on the day,” Contreras said.

“It’s surreal, it is really surreal, to look in there and see the ravage that has taken place and just knowing that people actually lived in there,” said San Leandro resident Bettie Davis.

This is all that is left of stairs leading to the second level.

“That’s a sad staircase, that’s not good,” said Santa Rosa resident Mario Rodriguez.

He says being here is allowing him to see why it must have been difficult for people to escape the fir.

“I can totally see, the windows are too high, there is one big door on one side then another of the other side, looks like it is blocked off by RV’s on this side, and a lot of furniture, you can kind of see where it was at, it’s just sad,” Rodriguez said.

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