San Diego prisoners in trouble over their “Mannequin Challenge”

SAN DIEGO COUNTY (KRON)—Some California prisoners are in trouble for their version of the “Mannequin Challenge.”

In their excitement over their performance, they apparently forgot they are not even supposed to have the cell phones they were using.

Not only did these San Diego prisoners, use phones to record their “Mannequin Challenge”, they actually posted the results on YouTube.

The video has gone viral, but somebody is recording it with a phone camera and at least two other people are seen holding phones.

About a dozen inmates are involved with the camera moving into living quarters and showing a fake fight scene.

Authorities are trying to figure out how the phones were smuggled in and say the inmates could lose up to 90 days of good time credit and there could be ‘other’ sanctions.

The guy who got carried away and posted the video on social media might not be a favorite person in there right now.

It’s hard to imagine that he thought officials wouldn’t hear about it.

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