Dine and Dish: Searching the Bay Area for the perfect bowl of clam chowder


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — When the weather turns cold and wet, our thoughts turn to comfort foods.

On Wednesday night’s Dine and Dish, Vicki Liviakis goes in search of the perfect bowl of clam chowder.

Nothing like a hot creamy bowl of clam chowder to warm your bones.

It’s tied with chicken noodle as the most served soup in the land.

You can go red, but you’d have to call it Manhattan Clam Chowder, not nearly as popular!

But you don’t have to go to New England to get great New England clam chowder.

On the Embarcadero, hog island oysters does more than shuck bivalves.

They are known for really clammy and real cream clam chowder.

On touristy Fisherman’s Wharf, you can score a decent bowl of chowder, made out of bread if you like.

But for a really great bowl of clam chowder, you have to head to Half Moon Bay.

Past the surfers and sand, there’s Sam’s Chowder where people line up for a bowl of their best.

Sam’s even sends out their food truck for a mobile bowl of creamy chunky chowder.

Up the way, is Barbara’s Fishtrap.

With their famous cream-free clam chowder, no dairy–period. But tons of clams.

And as you work your way down to San Jose, an unlikely spot, Dia de Pesca, is famous for fish tacos. And it also serves up chowder with clams. Or you can go with their corn chowder.

A tip–of course, you can always pick up a can of clam chowder, plus a loaf of sourdough.

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