Burglar caught inside of home by victim in Dublin

DUBLIN (KRON) — Police arrested a male burglar suspect who was burglarizing a Dublin home while the victim was still inside.

Oakland resident Percel Costello was arrested on Dec. 16, in connection to a burglary that took place inside a Dublin residence Dec. 14, at about 10:50 a.m. before fleeing on a vehicle, according to police.

Costello was interrupted by a male victim, who was sleeping upstairs along with his infant. Police said, the victim went downstairs after hearing some noise and spotted Costello, who immediately ran outside of the house.

The victim proceeded to chase Costello outside of the home. Costello went inside of a silver Cadillac CTS, according to police. The victim was able to provide a license plate number and also provide a description of Costello.

Police arrested Costello nearby his residence in Oakland, after a search warrant was issued. He was later identified by the victim in a photo line-up.

Jewelry that was stolen from the victims house was not located.

Police said 66-year-old Costello has a previous criminal history, and he was booked at the Santa Rita jail for felony burglary.

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