Drama class prop causes Pacifica high school to go on lock down

PACIFICA (KRON) — A high school in Pacifica was on lock down, after an unknown male subject was spotted on campus grounds brandishing weapon Friday afternoon.

According to police, Terra Nova high school was on lock down approximately at 1:22 p.m. after an unknown male suspect was spotted outside at the parking lot holding a riffle or shotgun near a vehicle with two other subjects.

The Pacifica police department contacted high school officials and alerted them to lock down the institution immediately. Terra Nova high school complied, but students were already dismissed from class an hour early prior to the report.

Authorities from the Pacifica, Daly City and South San Francisco police department responded to the campus. The school was on lock down for 45 minutes.

Upon arrival officers discovered that the vehicle belonged to a staff member from the high school. After alerting the teacher, it was later discovered that the ‘gun’ was actually a prop used in a drama course.

Police said, there was no actual threat on campus.

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