Tips to not burn down your house when it gets cold

(KRON) With temperatures dipping down around freezing, many folks are doing whatever they can to stay warm.

If you’re trying to heat your home, space heaters are frequently used this time of year.

Space heaters are the type of heating equipment most often involved in home heating fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. More than half of the time the heating equipment is too close to things that can burn.

Keep the heater at least three feet from anything that can burn, especially Christmas Trees, the bed and the sofa. Also, don’t use a space heater to dry cloths.


While it may seem obvious, don’t use a stove, oven or any type of grill to heat your home. Firefighters say they see it every year

Planning to use a kerosene heater? With those, firefighters warn to be careful of what type of fuel you’re putting into it.

Another tip when using a kerosene heater: crack a window to allow fresh air to come inside.

Make sure you also have a working smoke and carbon monoxide detector.


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