Dine and Dish: What are some of the best Bay Area bakers whipping up for the holidays?


LOS ALTOS (KRON) — Let’s call the holiday season what it is–a license to eat really delicious things that are usually off limits for many of our diets.

On Wednesday night’s Dine and Dish, we’re giving you a taste of some of what some of the best bakers in the Bay Area are whipping up for the holidays.

There’s nothing quite like hand-made baked goods.

Santa’s elves are working round the clock baking up a storm to satisfy our sweet teeth.

Oakland’s Pie Lady is filling orders from both the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.

And at the Pietisserie shop, who could say no to a slice of pie?

At San Francisco’s new Tartine Manufactory, where lines are always long and bread sells out fast, they’re firing up their famous Levain Loaves by the hundreds each and every day.

With secret ingredients like love, yes it’s sture, show up at a holiday meal or party with one of these precious loaves and you’re sure to be popular.

Manresa Bread in Los Altos and Los Gatos is stocked with kid favorites like monkey bread–and a seasonal specialty.

Avery bakes breads with freshly milled grains, local ingredients, and treats it with care.

Speaking of relationships, one customer’s husband, who KRON4 caught up with, is on a meat-only diet.

That means more baked goodies for the rest of us.

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