Tech Report: What to expect in 2017

(KRON)—2017 is shaping up to be a big year in consumer technology.

KRON4’s tech guru Gabe Slate tells us what’s coming.

Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Facebook, all the big ones and new comers are working hard to release new products in 2017 that will make you drool and pull out your wallet.

All eyes will be on Apple this year when they release the next iPhone.

It’s the 10th anniversary of the smartphone and expected to be a big upgrade.

Rumors include an all-glass design, wireless charging, a super high resolution display, and iris scan technology for security.

Speaking of iris scan, Slate used that in a phone this year and it was awesome. Slate says he thinks it will replace the finger print unlocking system.

However, soon after Slate tried it, it went away. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was the first phone to feature iris scan. But of course, the phone was recalled.

So Samsung is going to come out big in 2017 with their next set of phones.

The Galaxy S-8 series will have to dazzle consumers and the tech world to gain back the good name their brand use to have. Slate believes this extra pressure on them to innovate and excite us is going to lead to an impressive new device.

Voice control is going to be big in 2017 and work its way into more of our devices.

It’s likely you or someone you know will be using one of these voice assistant home Wi-Fi speakers like Google’s home or Amazon’s Echo.

They answer your questions and play your Amazon or Google music by vocal command.

Apple is late to this party and will likely release one of these gadgets in 2017, so their users can call up their iTunes content on demand.

You’ll also likely walk in on a friend or family member this upcoming year acting weird or wearing a funny looking headset.

Google, Sony, Facebook, HTC and Samsung all have their headsets now on the market. With two of them being under $100, VR is accessible and will grow in popularity.

Thousands of developers are working hard on creating content that will get you to strap one of these on.

Again, Apple is late to this party and is expected to release their headset in 2017.

There is a large number of people who will buy and play with anything Apple puts out. Once they do, this will further expand VR into the community around you.

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