VIDEO: Father of two suspects in Hayward Target stabbing speaks

HAYWARD (KRON) — The father of two suspects arrested for stabbing to death a Hayward man inside a Target store on Christmas Eve tells KRON4 News that his sons were acting in self-defense.

22-year-old Frankie Archuleta and 25-year-old Jesse Archuleta were arrested and charged with the murder of 36-year-old Tyrone Griffin.

Mr. Archuleta doesn’t want his first name revealed, but talked to KRON4’s Philippe Djegal telling him he feels obligated to tell their side of the what happened that evening.

“Frankie and Jesse have been separated since this incident took place and they didn’t have time to collaborate a story or anything and they’re both telling me the same thing, that Frankie was attacked,” Archuleta said. “Someone got upset because he had his music on.

According to Mr. Archuleta here is what his son’s told him about the incident inside the Target store Whipple Road:

Frankie and Jesse were inside when Griffin asked Frankie to turn down the music playing on his phone. Mr. Archuleta tells KRON4 News Griffin and his boys exchanged words.  Frankie walked away, that’s when the Archuleta’s say Griffin hit Frankie in the head with a champagne bottle pulled from a store shelf.

“So, you’re saying they were provoked, Frankie was provoked?” Djegal asked.

“That’s what both of them are telling me, and they’ve been separated and they’re stories pretty much go with each other’s,” Archuleta said.

Mr. Archuleta says his son Jesse came to his brother’s aid, admitting his son had a knife and stabbed Griffin who later died.

Mr. Archuleta says his son acted out of self-defense and believe surveillance video will vindicate both brothers.

“I talked to Frankie last night, he told me everything that’s come out on the news, it don’t look good,” he said. “He goes, everything will come out when they see the videos.”

In the meantime, the Archuleta brothers remain in custody. The brothers have not entered a plea.

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