BART parking citations will increase on Jan. 3

(KRON)—The New Year will come with a bit of a shock for some BART customers. That is because starting tomorrow there will be a major increase in parking citations at BART parking lots. The idea is to deter repeat offenders from breaking the parking rules. Some BART passengers tell KRON4’s Haaziq Madyun they are not too happy about the idea

A $40 parking citation was waiting for Mayra Swatt when she got to her car at the Lafayette BART station Monday. Lucky for her, because Tuesday this same ticket jumps up to $75.

“$75? That’s ridiculous!” Swatt said. “That’s like San Francisco all over again. I feel like I am back in the city.”

BART officials say the idea is to deter for people from illegally parking in a BART lot because doing that was cheaper than commuting to San Francisco by car and trying to pay for parking in the city.

“I gotta be honest it’s an interesting economic proposition by BART,” said Stephen Rusher who parks his car in the BART parking lot.

In 2017, getting a parking citation in the public lot increases from $35 to $55. Citations for parking in an assigned space jumps from $40 to $75.

“That’s pretty steep!” said Lafayette resident Andrea Pappalardo. “I’m sure if you pay $75 once you will never park in that spot again.”

In fact, repeat offenders with five tickets or more will face an additional $100 fine. Ten parking tickets or more will get you an additional $150 citation.

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