Pacifica city officials apply for erosion grants

Photo Credit: Janice Gin

PACIFICA (KRON)—The continued cliff side erosion in Pacifica has the city taking action on more than one front.

KRON4’s Spencer Blake reports at the condemned apartment buildings on 310 Esplanade.

The notice is still posted that the city plans to commence demolition. The apartments are expected to be demolished any day now.

The sinkhole was filled with cement, but it is sunken in again at the Oceanaire Apartment Homes.

People told KRON4 that it happened really fast.

“The way the water’s coming up has completely changed within the last two months. It hasn’t been like over six, seven months. It’s been incredible.”

Blake spoke to city councilor Sue Digre who says the city has applied for every request allowable for grants, but the responses come in slowly.

The city already got one in August of last year for $188,000 for vulnerability assessment and adaptation plan.

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