VIDEO: Good Samaritan saves woman from burning car in Texas


SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KRON) — A Good Samaritan says he vividly remembers the moments he helped save a woman from a burning car, and he believes he did it with help from a higher power.

Scot Love had just laid down in his RV when he heard what he says sounded like a car getting crunched.

When he went outside, he says he found a car on fire–and a woman trapped inside.

“She’s screaming, ‘You can’t leave me. I’m burning, I’m burning,'” Love said. “In that moment, my exact words were, and it just came out of my mouth, and I didn’t think about it. I said, ‘In Jesus’ name,’ and I said it a second time. I said, ‘In Jesus’ name’ and the moment I said it a second time, she said, ‘My legs are free,’ and I reached in, and I grabbed her under the arms, and she came out like butter.”

Love says he had to react in just seconds to save the driver

Now, he’s looking forward to meeting Michelle’s family.

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