Stanley’s top 10 People Behaving Badly of 2016

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — As we begin a new year, KRON4’s Stanely Roberts is taking a look at last year’s best of the worst of People Behaving Badly.

Here’s Stanley’s list of the top 10 PBB’s of 2016.

10. PBB: San Francisco bicyclists not allowed to roll through stop signs

9. PBB: 420, San Francisco 2016 edition at Hippie Hill

8. PBB: Bay Area family claims they are Sovereign Citizens

7. PBB: Disabled placard abuse in San Francisco

6. PBB: Carpool cheats on the Dumbarton Bridge

5. PBB: Stanley catches Donald Trump protesters behaving badly in Burlingame

4. PBB: Bad Behavior at Bay to Breakers

3. PBB: Driver gets stopped for loud music, found with drugs in Santa Clara County

2. PBB: Drivers caught running red lights in Fremont

1. PBB: Stanley catches vision-impaired driver in South Bay

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