VIDEO: Two Arizona police officers shot inside Walmart

CHANDLER, AZ (KRON)—Police in Chandler, Arizona have released surveillance video showing a shocking confrontation between a man who ambushed two officers.

It happened inside a Walmart store.

The video begins with one of the two officers strolling into the Walmart thinking it’s a routine trespassing call then the scene changes to the entry-way…

Within a few seconds, you see chaos.

A man out of view in the upper left fires on the two police officers.

One of the people running is an officer who has just been shot in the face.

His partner despite also being shot goes sliding across the floor but jumps up to shoot at the gunman.

From a different camera, you get a better look at that officer hitting the floor and the gunman in red racing out.

Once outside the gunman falls, drops his gun and makes the fatal mistake of going back to pick it up. That’s when the officer shoots and kills him.

This happened in April, but it’s just been released in response to a public records request.

One officer is still on medical leave for gunshot wounds to the face and arm.

His partner shot twice is back on duty. He was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

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