Is it legal to check in a gun before flying?


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — What may stick out in the fatal Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting is that the suspect was able to fly and check in a gun.

As alarming as this may sound, it is a fairly common practice–and perfectly legal.

The TSA has a basic set of rules and the airlines can add to them if they choose.

The suspect in the case flew Delta.

And here are the airline’s rules: Delta says all guns must be declared at the main ticketing counter before getting on a flight.

According to TSA regulations, the gun must be unloaded, and Delta requires the owner to sign a form stating that there are no bullets in the gun.

It must be in a locked, hard piece of luggage.

If it is a handgun, it can be put in a gun case inside just about any piece of luggage with a tag on the outside.

Delta does allow for small amounts of ammunition. Ammo must be checked and either in the original packaging or safely stored in a box.

So, it’s legal to travel on planes with guns, as long as you have a permit and follow the rules.

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