VIDEO: Possible evidence of erosion near Pacifica apartments

PACIFICA (KRON)—We are expecting wetter weather and higher winds all across the Bay Area over the next 24 hours.

The city of Pacifica also has to worry about erosion near Esplanade Avenue.

KRON4’s Maureen Kelly obtained exclusive drone video showing the crumbling cliff beneath an apartment building that’s slated to be demolished next week.

Kelly was standing near 310 Esplanade that’s the building that the city council voted last week to demolish.

On Saturday, one Pacifica resident decided to fly his drone to check out what the cliffs look like now. He believes he sees more evidence of erosion.

In the drone video, you can see what the crumbling bluff underneath the condemned apartment looks like as of late Saturday afternoon. The structure is slated to be torn down as early as next week before Mother Nature does the job herself.

Its residents were evacuated last year because of concerns about eroding cliff that it sits on.

Pacifica resident Marque Glisson has been monitoring this part of the coast with his drone.

He believes he sees some movement in this most recent video.

“We are looking at video from the southern portion of the apartment building,” Glisson said. “I see moisture here. See those dark spots, it looks like some movement. It looks like a little bit of slippage but not much.”

Glisson is not an engineer but he says he’s not concerned about what he sees.

“It looks like it’s just as stable as it did three days ago,” he said. “I don’t see any other slippage and that should give the city some time before they have to demolish it.”

There was some activity inside 310 Esplanade. A worker is hired by the owner to do prep work before the building is torn down. He says he’s going inside to get the refrigerators and stoves ready to be moved on Sunday, so they can be recycled. He didn’t want to talk on camera because he said he doesn’t want the owner to get upset who’s already having a rough time of it since the city voted to tear down his building.

The tear down of the building could start as early as Monday, but that all depends on the weather.

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