Melting snow in the Sierra causes flood concerns, resorts shutdown

courtesy chp

(KRON) The Sierra could see flood from melting snow. The warm tropical storm is dropping rain in the lower elevations with snow only falling on the higher peaks.

Many rivers will see in the Sierra could go over their banks.

The storm’s relatively mild temperatures will drive up the snowline to above 9,000 feet throughout the Sierra Nevada, causing runoff in the lower elevations, said Zach Tolby, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Reno, Nevada.

Flooding could rival the winter of 2005-06 that sent 5 feet of water into an industrial area in Sparks, Nevada. Crews worked to secure storage drums filled with hazardous materials to stop them from floating away as they have in past floods.

This video was taken by the CHP of the Yuba River at Eagle Falls.

Most ski resorts are not operating today due to high winds.

Northstar Ski Resort and Alpine Meadow’s are closed Sunday, Squaw Valley has limited operations

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