VIDEO: San Pablo installing 3 new surveillance cameras along I-80 freeway


SAN PABLO (KRON) — After a string of highway shootings dating back to 2015, three new video cameras will soon be pointed at Interstate 80 in both directions near San Pablo Dam Road.

The cameras are a response to that series of freeway shootings along that corridor in the past two years. The California Highway Patrol and the City of San Pablo say the cameras will record everything that happens on the freeway 24 hours a day.

The department commander says the cameras will be a valuable investigative tool for detectives to use in the case of another shooting or other crime that might occur on Interstate 80.

“Catching one vehicle out of the dozens of vehicles that could be around you all traveling at a high rate of speed…it makes it harder for you to witness the incident…plus it happens in such a blink of an eye that you…don’t always see exactly what occurred…,” San Pablo police Commander Gene Alameda said. “With video, we can actually slow it down and go frame-by-frame and see what occurred and what car did what during that time.”

The new cameras are paid for by the general fund and will be linked into the system of 112 other cameras installed throughout the city of San Pablo.

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