VIDEO: Massive Pacifica sinkhole opens up after recent Bay Area storms


PACIFICA (KRON) — A massive sinkhole in Pacifica that started about five months ago really opened up after a recent series of Bay Area storms.

The sinkhole is about 40 feet across and more than 15 feet deep.

The heavy rain over the weekend expanded the hole, making it three times larger.

The sinkhole is located in the parking lot behind the Manor Fire Department in Pacifica at 616 Edgemar Avenue just off Highway 1.

A creek nearby might have contributed to the creation of the sinkhole.  A runoff pipe from that creek runs underneath where it developed.

A firefighter there told KRON4 the department thinks a leak in that pipe may have made the ground wet and compromised the area.

They have taped off the area and closed off Edgemar Avenue to traffic to ensure no one gets hurt before repairs can resume.

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