VIDEO: Street closed as crews begin work on Pacifica sinkhole

Edgemar Avenue closed off as crews begin work on sinkhole in Pacifica.(Photo Credit: Spencer Blake)

PACIFICA (KRON)—Crews have brought out machinery to fix a sinkhole in Pacifica after it opened up following recent Bay Area storms.

The sinkhole is on Edgemar Avenue and the street is closed off.

KRON4 spoke to members of the True Jesus Church which is located right next door to the sinkhole. Church members say the sinkhole has been there for a while, but it used to be much smaller.

One firefighter thinks there may have been a leak in a runoff pipe that runs from a nearby stream to the sinkhole area.

People who don’t even normally drive down this street came to have a look on Saturday.

The church shares a parking lot with the fire department. The lot will be closed until work on the sinkhole is complete. Though they have no access to that lot for the time being, church leaders say they’re not at all frustrated with the city.

The sinkhole is about 40 feet across and more than 15 feet deep.

Crews will not start actively working to close the hole until Monday. It is expected to be fixed in about six weeks which will be the end of February.

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