VIDEO: Volunteers clean-up Alameda Estuary following storms

ALAMEDA (KRON)—Dozens of volunteers gathered at the Alameda estuary Saturday to take care of one of the negative results of last week’s storms.

“The timing of this cleanup is perfect this year mainly because the big storms pushed a lot of trash into the bay and on to the shore line,” said San Francisco bay keeper Sejal Choksi-Chugh.

“Between the strong winds, strong tides as well as strong rains it has brought an army of what I call treasures to our shore line for these volunteers to pick up,” said Rachel Campos de Ivanov.

Those treasures were all along the shoreline and floating in the estuary. It was the trash that was carelessly thrown on city streets and found their way to Alameda.

“After that big storm that’s when all this garbage washes up, it’s a great time to get rid of it all,” said volunteer Phil Gravem.

Those volunteering combed the shoreline filling bags with all that had come ashore. They came to realize that the problem has come from that carelessness.

“We just need to stop throwing away our garbage up in the cities because is just goes in the gutters and makes its way down here,” said volunteer Andy McKee.

As discouraging of what the winter storms have brought to the Alameda shoreline these volunteers were pleased to make it a little better.

“All this trash it’s kind of depressing but now we’re here to make this place nice and clean for everybody,” said volunteer Stephan Pippen.

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