Police capture suspected Turkey nightclub gunman

FILE - In this file photo obtained Tuesday Jan. 3, 2017, a man believed to be the gunman who killed dozens at an Istanbul nightclub, films himself as he wanders nearby to Istanbul's Taksim square. Survivors of the massacre at a Turkish nightclub describe an hour of pure terror and how they escaped, by feigning death, rappelling to the sea, or hiding anywhere they could find. The Islamic State gunman fired 180 rounds for seven minutes, killing 39 people on New Year’s Eve. He escaped after he wiped his Kalashnikov free of fingerprints, changed clothes, put on a Santa hat and blended into the crowd evacuating the bloody Reina nightclub. (DHA-Depo Photos via AP, File)

ISTANBUL (AP) – Turkish media reports say police have caught the alleged gunman who killed 39 people during an attack on a nightclub in Istanbul during New Year’s celebrations.

The private Dogan news agency and other media say the suspect was caught in Istanbul’s district of Esenyurt in a police operation late on Monday.

The Islamic State group has claimed has claimed responsibility, saying the attack was in reprisal for Turkish military operations in northern Syria.


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