Police investigate “suspicious circumstance” in Fremont

FREMONT (KRON) — Suspicious activity involving a woman in a car in Fremont, got the attention of police officers Sunday morning.

Around 10:41 a.m., someone called the police, reporting that he heard a woman scream. When the witness looked out his window, he saw what looked like a woman’s legs sticking out of a car with its door open, police said.

According to police, the caller described the car as a black “boxy” four-door sedan, possibly a 2000’s model, parked and facing west on Durham Road, just south of Topaz Way.

The car was parked for about 10 seconds before speeding off west on Durham Road, police said.

Police do not have a description of the woman, the driver or other potential occupants of the vehicle.

During an investigation, police found video surveillance in the area, but it did not capture the location of the incident.

Furthermore, police said they did not receive any reports of missing persons or other calls about suspicious activity on Sunday.

Police have not yet established a crime, and this incident is being classified as a “suspicious circumstance”.

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