VIDEO: Hiker rescued from snow-covered mountain in San Bernardino County


SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY (KRON) — A San Bernardino County Fire Department helicopter swooped in and rescued an injured hiker on Mt. Baldy this week.

One of the rescuers had a camera strapped to his chest. In the video, you don’t see the woman’s face, but you see the rescue helicopter hovering over her.

Eventually, the woman is seen being hoisted from the steep side of a snowy mountain.

She had been hiking on Monday and slipped 50 feet down the devil’s backbone trail.

During her fall, she managed to stab her ice ax into the snow and hung on to it for dear life.

The conditions were considered very dangerous with sharp rocks below.

The rescue was tricky for the team’s pilot.

The woman was told to drop her backpack and ice ax a harness was put around her.

She was strapped to a paramedic and they were both lifted into the helicopter.

The rescue happened Monday and that woman is doing fine on Tuesday night.

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