Dine and Dish: Food spa


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) —¬†Maybe you have heard the old adage that you are what you eat.

And the trend is certainly towards healthier diets to make us look and feel our best.

On Wednesday night’s Dine and Dish, Vicki Liviakis goes one step further. She takes us to a food spa where they teach what put on your skin is actually good enough to eat.

Sure, you want to eat right. But what about what you put on your skin?

Skin is the largest organ in the body, so why not feed it properly?

Yes, at Spa Radiance, they will treat your face with all the latest potions on the market.

But if you ask Angelina Umansky, she will go to the grocery market to make a customized treatment for your body that’s good enough to eat.

Umansky is a fourth generation aesthetician from Russia. She recently found her grandmother’s recipe book, not for homespun dishes, but for culinary beauty treatments, like avocado smashed and spread on your face, even your hair. Also, there is lemon rubbed into your nails to make them white.

Salt or sugar scrubs are used to soften rough skin. Got pimples? You can try baking soda before you bake cookies.

And honey with yogurt is like a breakfast parfait.

Raspberries have fruit acids that wake up lackluster skin.

Mango enzymes do the same.

And oatmeal is calming for the tummy and red splotches on your face.

Umansky has tried all this herself at home and is far from freaking her boyfriend.

Of course, you might want to wait until you get back from the restaurant to put cucumbers on your puffy eyes.

And the best part is what’s left over is good enough to eat.

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