VIDEO: Big-rig crashes into wall on westbound Interstate 580 in Dublin


DUBLIN (KRON) — In the East Bay, the storm took its toll on a number vehicles driving on Bay Area freeways.

Shortly after the morning commute, a driver of a big rig lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a wall on the Interstate 580 freeway.

The big rig slammed into the wall on westbound 580 in Dublin.

“With the weather, he lost control, hit the wall to our right here, and overturned,” California Highway Patrol Officer Derek Reed said.

Reed says the CHP had its hands full Wednesday responding to weather-related traffic collisions.

“A little bit busier than normal especially with the rain,” Reed said.

Reed describes what led to this solo-vehicle accident.

“He was traveling 45 to 50 miles per hour when he saw break lights ahead,” Reed said. “He realized that he was going to rear-end the car in front of him, instead of doing that, he swerved to his right.”

And then he hit the wall.

The collision caused the trailer and cargo container to separate from the big rig and land on its side against the wall which stopped it from hitting oncoming traffic merging onto the freeway.

“If the wall wasn’t there, then it would be in the next lane,” Reed said.

CHP investigators say although the truck driver was driving below the speed limit at 45-50 miles per hour, it still might have been too fast.

“45 to 50 on this road today might be too fast,” Reed said. “It just depends on how hard it’s raining and the different conditions. Whenever it’s raining, you have to give yourself more time during the day. It’s going to be a slower commute. You’re not going to be able to drive as fast. Slow down and be patient.”

As for the driver, investigators say the fact that he was wearing a seatbelt likely allowed him to walk away from this accident uninjured.

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