VIDEO: Storms continue to take a toll on Santa Cruz Mountains roads


SANTA CLARA COUNTY (KRON) — One down and two to go in the latest series of winter storms taking aim at the Bay Area again this week.

One area that has seen its share of heavy rain, and the problems that go with it, is the Santa Cruz Mountains.

The storms are continuing to take a toll on mountain roads. Highway 17 from Los Gatos saw one of the several intermittent periods of heavy rain. On Summit Road, a downed tree opened a crater in one lane.

Upper Zayante Road is closed. In the area, a mudslide took out a deck and hot tub.

Farther along, the road is covered in mud from another big slide that took out a large tree. On Highway 17 to Highway 9, there were more rocks in the road as crews were clearing storm drains of debris.

In Boulder Creek, KRON4 talked with drivers as they passed over a large slide that has washed out one lane over the San Lorenzo River.

Between Boulder Creek and Los Gatos, there were at least a dozen new, mostly small rock and mudslides. But there are downed trees too, and low hanging wires in some spots.

There seems to be a new hazard around every corner.

Some slopes look like they might come down at any moment. Road crews are working to fix the roads.

The relentless runoff is simply more than the already saturated ground can hold.

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