US 101 in Sausalito reopens after flooding

Courtesy of CHP

SAUSALITO (KRON) — Two right lanes of southbound US-101 in Sausalito have now reopened on Sunday after they were shut down because of flooding.

Flooding closed the on-ramp and the two right lanes, according to California Highway Patrol.

On Highway 101 at least, it didn’t seem to slow things down too much. CHP said they received multiple flood calls, and caused delays in the area.

But Marin City was getting a soaking.  About two inches so far, and even more in the mountains.

Taking buses seemed like a good idea for a lot of people – either because they didn’t want to drive in all that water or because the bus stops were covered.

“I normally drive but today I’m going to San Francisco to pick my granddaughter up from my mom’s house,” said bus rider Kylar Harvey. “We got stuck in the rain yesterday too in the protest. It was awful.”

A lot of people are fed up with the rain.

Expect more rain Sunday night, even an isolated thunderstorm or two in the area.

We could be back at it with this kind of weather again Monday, too.

CHP said they received multiple flood calls and caused delays in the area.

Remember to stay away from Highway 37 between 101 and Lakeville, where flooding has all lanes closed.

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