High surf advisory issued until Tuesday

(KRON)—The National Weather Service issued a high surf advisory that will be in effect until Tuesday morning.

The areas that have the advisory include the coastal areas of San Francisco, the Peninsula and the North Bay.

Surfers at Pacifica State Beach experienced strong rip currents and sneaker waves on Sunday.

A high surf advisory from the National Weather Service didn’t stop those out for a thrill.

Pacifica resident Roman Malendevich and his friends decided to stay closer to the shore.

“We understand the warnings,” Malendevich said. “They must have some warnings but we’ll make our own judgement.”

Not everyone at the beach wanted to go into the water.

“Oh my dog loves the rain,” said Pacifica resident Dirk McManus. “The colder and wetter the better.”

Although some folks enjoy coming to the beach during the rain, swells will continue to be large and dangerous to beachgoers until Tuesday morning when the advisory ends at 3 a.m.


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