VIDEO: Oakland Raiders relocation to Las Vegas not a done deal yet


OAKLAND (KRON) — So far, the off-season conversations for the Oakland Raiders have not had much to do with football, but rather, the team’s potential new home.

The Raiders to Las Vegas talk has been heating up as the team officially filed its relocation papers last week.

But not all are convinced the moving trucks will pull up to Alameda just yet.

KRON4’s Mark Carpenter spoke to a man who knows a thing or two about the business of sports. On Tuesday afternoon, he met with Andy Dolich, a former executive with the Oakland A’s, Golden State Warriors, and San Francisco 49ers. He knows the inner workings of front office politics.

Despite all the talk of going to Vegas, he doesn’t think relocation is a done deal just yet, and the NFL owners still have much to think about.

“I still believe there’s a lot of questions that have to do with Las Vegas, its viability as a market, vis a vis, Oakland,” Dolich said. “Will they ultimately end up there? I think the momentum says yes, but I think it’s going to be a while longer while the league tries to figure it out.”

And with a move like this, there’s still much to figure out.

While Nevada has pledged $750 million of taxpayer money, Raiders owner Mark Davis still hasn’t secured the $650 million from casino king Sheldon Adelson.

There’s also the issue of a relocation fee.

No amounts have been thrown around, but Davis will sure have to pay up.

“If Stan Kroenke paid $550 million to move the Rams to Inglewood, why would anybody, if you are an NFL owner, take a penny less to move the Oakland Raiders to another state? Dolich said. “And where is that $500 million, that’s a half-a-billion bucks. Where’s that coming from?”

Although there are a lot of questions about sin city, it doesn’t appear the NFL views Ronnie Lott’s plan as a stronger option.

Unlike Vegas, Lott’s proposal doesn’t have the taxpayer funding or the support of the Raiders.

So if Davis himself won’t endorse that project, why would 31 of his fellow owners?

“This is the most incredible Hail Mary pass and Ronnie Lott doesn’t throw Hail Mary passes,” Dolich said. “This is one that just doesn’t have any logic to it unless the Raiders are forced back here. A vote doesn’t take place, or they lose the vote then maybe there’s conversation.”

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