Excess water released from East Bay reservoirs after stormy Bay Area weather

SAN PABLO (KRON) — Officials within the East Bay Municipal Utility District have released excess water from reservoirs within the East Bay, after massive storms have struck the Bay Area.

According to officials, the Bay Area has witnessed so much rain in January, which is considered being the wettest month in history. East Bay MUD has reached 300 percent of it’s average rainfall, and that is locally.

Reservoir’s like the San Pablo Reservoir are filled to capacity.

“When it rains, it pours as it seems,” said Andrea Pook of East Bay MUD.

Throughout the week, East Bay MUD has begun releasing water from all East Bay reservoir’s.

Pook said crews are preparing for another storm to hit the Bay Area soon, and it is not certain how much rainfall will come. The water releases are meant to prevent reservoir flooding, and can provide a sufficient amount of damages to nearby creeks.

Pook reassured customers there will be plenty of drinking water, despite a weekly water release.

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