Lake County residents asked to avoid phone scam from sheriff’s office

LAKE COUNTY (KRON) — Sheriff deputies have advised residents within Lake County to avoid a faulty phone scam which encourages people to pay a certain amount of money to the Lake County Sheriff’s department.

According to sheriff deputies, several reports came in regarding a phone call from an individual claiming to be a sheriff’s office employee and notifying residents they have missed jury duty. The individual asked recipients to pay the sheriff’s office, or face jail time.

Residents were told a warrant for their arrest was made for not appearing in court, and were told it would be cleared if they pay $500 to the alleged scammer. Residents were told to go to a CVS Pharmacy and complete an “electronic bond voucher.”

The alleged scammer advised residents to avoid going to both Lake County Superior Court and the Sheriff’s office. If an appearance were made an immediate arrest to the individual would be conducted.

Sheriff deputies said if anyone were to receive a phone call about a fine or jail time, to hang up as this is the scammer.

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