VIDEO: New East Bay commuter ferry causes controversy

BERKELEY (KRON) — A controversial new ferry service is set to deploy its first venture Friday morning in the East Bay.

Tideline, the company starting this new service, is looking to help alleviate the overcrowding that occurs on BART trains during peak commute hours.

The ferry would depart from Gate K at the Berkeley Marina, and arrive at San Francisco’s Pier 1.5 twice each Friday morning, and return to Berkeley twice each Friday evening.

The controversy comes in the technicalities.

Berkeley City officials say that Tideline has not filled out the necessary paperwork for a permit to operate.

On the contrary, Tideline is under the impression they were already given the green light.

At 7:30 a.m. Friday, the first ferry is expected to leave Berkeley Marina, despite confusions over the permit.

If the service continues, tickets must be paid for with a credit card and will cost $8.00.

Commuters will be allowed to take their bikes on board.

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