VIDEO: Richmond kindergartners lead march for ‘kindness,’ ‘peace’

RICHMOND (KRON) — The Women’s March on Washington left quite the impression on children at Beta Academy in Richmond.

So much so, that Friday morning 10:50 a.m. to 11:15 a.m., the Sea Turtle Kindergarten class teamed up with first and second graders to lead the school’s first Children’s March.

“The messages of love and unity from the Women’s Marches last weekend struck a chord in even the youngest scholars at Caliber Schools,” said representative Cami Crawford.

For thirty minutes the young marchers paraded around the blacktop exclaiming, “We want kindness, we want peace.”

They carried crayon-colored signs, and some held hands as they chanted at the top of their little lungs.

It was a colorful display of love and friendship.

Crawford released the following statement, highlighting that this was not an anti-Trump rally:

The Children’s March is a chance for students and staff to stand in solidarity against intolerance and with love for one another. The march will not be an “anti-Trump” protest, but rather a chance for our youngest community leaders to become agents of change while supporting togetherness and empowerment for all ages within their community.”


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