VIDEO: Soccer field vandalized at Walnut Creek Christian school after recent upgrade


WALNUT CREEK (KRON) — A soccer field was vandalized at a Walnut Creek Christian school after school officials say the field was recently upgraded for the new soccer season.

Muddy tire tracks show that someone drove onto the grass and vandalized the soccer field at Contra Costa Christian schools.

“It first happened on Monday night, and then again last night,” school superintendent Chris Winters said. “They came back and did more damage.”

So far, there are no witnesses or surveillance videos of what happened, school officials said.

“We have no idea who would do this,” Winters said. “We’re just guessing maybe it was a teenager, a young person wanting to have some fun, tearing up a field,” Winters said. “I don’t know that they really think about the consequence of those actions.”

One major consequence of vandalizing this field is the impact it will have on the upcoming soccer season.

“We were all mad about it because of soccer season and I just signed up and I was excited to play,” eighth grader Arie Padmos said.

Eighth-grader Christian Carter says it’s a setback for the team.

“We started practice and our first game is in maybe two weeks or so…” Carter said.

Winters says the school is hurt by the crime.

“We really don’t have anywhere near that amount of money in our budget,” Winters said.

For now, the soccer team will try to find another field for practice and league games.

“But you know, we are a community of faith, and we have hope that God will provide for us,” Winters said.

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