30 Sacramento churches step in to protect undocumented citizens threatened by President Trump’s executive order

SACRAMENTO (KRON)- Thirty Sacramento churches banded together to protect undocumented citizens and refugees who may be affected by President Trump’s executive order.

Last Friday, newly elected President Trump signed an executive order that places heavy restrictions on immigration.

One Sacramento Rabbi, Seth Castleman of Parkside Community Church, and his wife, Elizabeth Griswold, voiced their frustrations with Trump’s refugee ban.

“Elizabeth and I gathered together with imams, priests, clergy, to say we will not stand for this,” said Seth Castleman.

Castleman and Griswold hope to provide a safe space for undocumented immigrants and refugees threatened by the executive orders.

The churches hope to provide housing, counseling, and case management assistance to those in danger of deportation.

The fear of the unknown is ever present, said Griswold.

“I think it’s a real wake-up call in this country, as to who you want to be in this moment and going forward,” she said.

CNN contributed to this article.

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