San Francisco files federal lawsuit against Trump’s executive order on sanctuary cities


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco city leaders are fighting back against President Trump’s controversial executive orders on immigration.

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced Tuesday morning that the city is filing a federal lawsuit against President Trump’s order on sanctuary cities.

The President’s order blocks federal funding to sanctuary cities.

San Francisco is one of a few sanctuary cities in the Bay Area, including San Jose, Oakland and Berkeley.

California lawyers are also suing President Trump over his executive order suspending visas and immigration benefits without the approval of Congress.

The lawsuit was filed on Saturday which is a day after the president signed the executive order. The president’s order bans those who are from seven Muslim-majority countries from coming into the country for 90 days.

Statement from San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee:

Today, City Attorney Dennis Herrera on behalf of San Francisco filed a federal lawsuit against President Trump’s administration that will protect San Francisco’s Sanctuary City status.

I commend City Attorney Herrera and his team for their swift action on this filing to protect our Sanctuary City.

The misguided Executive Order makes our cities less safe, and we believe, is unconstitutional. If President Trump is truly invested in making America safer, then it is imperative that the new administration and Congress pass comprehensive immigration reform.

We need strong cities to continue to push our nation forward. San Francisco will not standby as the safety of our residents and cities, and the values we stand for are compromised.

Let today’s lawsuit be a reminder to the nation that San Francisco is a city that fights for what is right. We will not waver in our commitment to protect our residents.

Further details on San Francisco’s lawsuit are unavailable at this time.

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