VIDEO: What happened in Day 3 of Sierra LaMar trial


SAN JOSE (KRON) — A Santa Clara County sheriff’s deputy involved in the Sierra LaMar case testified in Day 3 of the trial in a San Jose courtroom.

KRON4’s Rob Fladeboe was in the courtroom on Wednesday, tweeting about the proceedings.

The jury in the case was hearing about the search for LaMar’s phone.

The deputy, who was the first witness, was asked about evidence gathering, citing the O.J. Simpson case as a model for many current protocols, according to Rob.


The deputy who examined Lamar’s clothing said her San Jose Sharks jacket was wet and her jeans had a urine odor.

The deputy also testified about discovery and the handling of LaMar’s backpack after it was found in a cactus along a road in Morgan Hill. The deputy also explained there was a meticulous evidence procedure he followed after LaMar’s cellphone was found by search and rescue crews.

The deputy, who was following the location of pings to track her location, said he did not hear ringing, Rob said.

The deputy was among one of the first responders after LaMar disappeared.

The defense attorney of suspect Antolin Garcia-Torres questioned the deputy about the potential for “cross-contamination” of the evidence as the jury saw Sierra’s clothing, according to Rob.

Also testifying was Gilroy Mayor Roland Velasco. He said he found LaMar’s phone as a member of the search and rescue team.

LaMar was 15 years old when she disappeared while on her way to catch the bus to school in Morgan Hill on March 16, 2012.

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