130-pound tumor removed from man in California

Courtesy KERO

BAKERSFIELD (KRON)- A Mississippi man is recovering from surgery in Bakersfield after doctors removed a 130-pound tumor from his abdomen.

Roger Logan, 57, traveled 2,000 miles to Bakersfield to undergo surgery at Memorial Hospital.

“We did what we had to do to get here,” said Logan.

He had spent years of his life confined to an electric chair and in the dark about his protruding midsection.

Doctors were unable to give him the answers he needed, blaming his weight gain on his eating.

“They said it’s just fat, Your just fat…it’s just fat developing there,” Logan said.

One Bakersfield doctor, Dr. Vipul Dev, had a different answer.

Growing from Logan’s abdomen was a Benign tumor, likely caused by an ingrown hair according to Dr. Dev.

Dr. Dev successfully removed the 130-pound tumor and Logan is recuperating from the surgery.

Logan said he’s ditching the electric chair for another shot at life.

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