VIDEO: Ashby BART Station targeted in string of car break-ins


BERKELEY (KRON) — An East Bay BART station was the target for a string of crimes this week.

A whole lot of break-ins happened all in one night at the Ashby BART Station in Berkeley.

Police tell KRON4 10 car burglaries all happened in the west lot on Wednesday night going into Thursday.

Some of the cars are actually still in the lot with glass from broken windows all over the pavement.

Police say it was the same sight for all 10 of them–busted front windows, and it looked like thieves had ransacked each car.

When KRON4 spoke to people who normally come to the BART station, most of them seemed pretty surprised that such a big rash of burglaries would happen at once.

“it’s ludicrous, right? It’s to a degree now that seems to be incredibly out of hand,” rider Mo Alcaraz said.

The car break-ins weren’t the only string of crimes this week either.

Earlier on Wednesday, someone vandalized some of the bike lockers at the Ashby Station and made off with three bikes.

As for the cars that were broken into, BART police left notes on them, asking owners to contact police.

They can’t release information to KRON4 about whether owners have called them.

At least one of those cars does appear to be abandoned in the BART lot.

It has a couple notices attached to it, saying it’s parked illegally.

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