VIDEO: With more storms coming, Caltrans concerned Highway 37 in Marin County might close again


MARIN COUNTY (KRON) — With another round of rain expected to hit the Bay Area, there is some concern that a popular Marin County route could face another closure.

Highway 37 was already shut down twice this year, for several days impacting thousands of people.

KRON4’s Terisa Estacio explains what is causing the problem and what Caltrans is considering to try and fix it.

Video taken by QuadCopter4 just days ago showed Highway 37 shut down in both directions from Highway 101 to Atherton because of widespread flooding.

One car, seen in the video, was almost completely submerged on the roadway. Already this winter, Highway 37 closed twice for several days due to heavy water on the popular roadway.

And now, with more storms on the horizon, Caltrans is looking for a fix.

Caltrans has been out here with several pumps and drainage pipes to clear the highway, but now, they are looking at a bigger and broader plan.

Caltrans says it is unusual the road has been shut down so often this winter, but the rains have been relentless and the king tides in Marin created a perfect storm.

And Caltrans adds there is more pressure to take action because of the domino effect a closure on the route causes.

Caltrans says a fix could run about $8 million and money would be taken from the emergency fund.

The agency says they are moving fast and could have a big announcement in a few weeks.

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