New York man erasing Anti-Semitic drawing goes viral


NEW YORK (CNN) — One man scrubbing anti-Semitic drawing off a New York City subway has gained Tnternet fame.

When Jared Nied saw the hateful message targeting Jewish people, he said “the light bulb went on.”

Fellow New Yorkers snapped pictures of Neid as he wiped away the drawing with tissues and hand sanitizer.

Those pictures went viral and caught the attention of people such as Chelsea Clinton.

Hateful vandalism continues to pop up in cities around the country.

Police in Chicago are looking for the person who broke the window of a synagogue and placed swastika decals on the front doors.

School officials at one Texas university are trying to determine who scrawled “Trump” and drew a swastika under it on a statue.

Back in New York, Neid said, “If we come together to pool what we have, we can get through this, we can fight this, we can resist.”

CNN contributed to this report.

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