VIDEO: Le Mar Trailer Park in Redwood City flooded, residents brace for more rain


REDWOOD CITY (KRON) — There are worries of more flooding on the Peninsula after the Le Mar Trailer Park in Redwood City flooded on Tuesday.

And on Wednesday, the residents cleaned up and told KRON4’s Gabe Slate that they fear what Thursday will bring with the expected heavy rains.

The public works department brought in their big pumps and sucked out the water.

Denise has lived there for 30 years. She says whenever it rains real hard, it floods.

Forty-four mobile homes are there with over 150 residents.

The elevation is lower there, and they are directly behind a canal. When it rains, it overflows and dumps water into the mobile home.

The city and the owner have built a fence, added sand bags, and installed a water pump.

Residence say those three things have really helped cut down on the flooding–but it still happens.

Video from Tuesday shows the canal spilled over. It finds a way through the sandbags, and under the fence, to drain into the mobile home park.

Maribel lives there too. Like most of the residents KRON4 talked with, she is tired of the flooding and wants to move out. But the cost of living in the Bay Area is keeping her stuck.

Denise and the others are really worried about the next storm coming on Thursday.

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